Gifts for the Car Enthusiast in Your Life

Is that someone special in your life more attracted to his car than to you? Have you caught your Dad sneaking looks at his brand new hot rod while you’re trying to enjoy dinner? Auto enthusiasts abound in this world, and although their passion for cars may be annoying, it does present a unique selection of gift ideas for birthdays, Christmas, and just because you care.

1- Personalized Garage Sign

You can get as wild and crazy or as plain and simple as you want with this gift idea for auto enthusiasts. Personalized garage signs can be found at web sites like, and while some of them have neon flashing lights, others are far more subdued. Ordering online is easy: you just have to fill in the recipient’s name and he or she will feel like a real mechanic or car dealer when this is hung in his or her garage.

2- Racecar School

If the auto enthusiast in your life is fascinated by the need for speed, you might consider racecar school as the perfect gift idea. Although this is a little pricier than the aforementioned garage sign, costing between $300 and $700, has some great rates for all regions of the United States. Your loved one will know what it really feels like to be Dale Earnhardt on the track.

3- Roadside Emergency Kit

It’s important for all auto enthusiasts to be safe on the road, so why not give the gift of security? Roadside emergency kits come with important items like road flares, bandages, flashlights and tools that can ensure a safe journey home every night. You can find them at your local auto parts store or online, and this is generally an inexpensive gift that won’t break the bank, but which will always engender a smile.

4- Personalized Floor Mats

We all know how men – and sometimes even women – like to mark their territory, so give the auto enthusiast in your life a gift that establishes domain. Personalized floor mats can be found in a wide variety of shapes, colors and styles, but each shows that you care in a unique way. Plus, the auto enthusiasts I know are loathe to get mud or dirt or leaves on their precious upholstery, so this gift will help your loved one to stay clean and dry.

5- Foaming Car Wash Nozzle

I’ve seen these nifty gadgets at numerous stores, from Brookstone to Wal-Mart, and the auto enthusiast in your life will be pleased at the time-saving efficiency of a foaming car wash nozzle. It works a little bit like the sprayers you find at the real car wash, and can mix ingredients like water, suds, wax and conditioner through one handy nozzle. Plus, they come with adjustable pressure settings for just the right touch.

6- Cup Warmers/Coolers

My guess is that the auto enthusiasts you know and love spend plenty of time in their cars, so they might be experiencing the pain of a lukewarm beverage now and again. Cup warmers/coolers keep drinks fresh for long hours on the road, and fit in must standard cup holders for easy portability. They plug into the cigarette lighter or come with batteries for power, and can make an excellent gift.

7- Travel Guides

Some people just have a passion for the road, and this is true of most auto enthusiasts. If your loved one enjoys seeing the sights all across the country, travel guides are great gift ideas. I don’t mean heading to your local travel agency and picking up dozens of free brochures; check out some of the unique books at your local bookstore. Weird U.S., for example, is a collection of bizarre landmarks and interesting places off the beaten path.

8- Portable Vacuum

For auto enthusiasts who hate to see even a spec of dirt on their perfect upholstery, portable vacuums are the way to go. Dirt Devil makes a few high-quality products, but you can find them in almost any brand. They’re easy to use on those hard-to-reach middle seats, and don’t require an annoying cord. Most can be charged in just a few hours, and have long lives once they’re fully charged.